"We look at the world once, in childhood. The rest is memory." – Louise Gluck 

A bedroom in suburban Las Piñas, sometime early 2000. Girls compressed in objects, prayer attributed to action, sainthood provided through asking. Vignettes, selfhoods, and memories from Manila unfolded over years, landscapes, and ways of seeing. A becoming through other people, game shows, television, religion, and dreams. A narrative 'escapist room' recalling 18 years of youth, identity, selfhood, and objecthood in Manila. 

A Bedroom in Las Piñas is an ode to early flash escape room games and Jake Elliott's A House in California in a surrealist point-and-click martyrdom simulator. Unfolded entirely through verb-object interactions where you touch, feel, pray, forget, crucify, and castigate the self – logic and language is rewritten.

About 10k words, mostly made in under a week on December 2023 for myself.

"Everyone who tries to reach for the heavens seems to land in Manila."

( Playtime )
20-60 minutes

( This is a demo )
Major rewrites, tightening, and a few more scenes in the works.

( Controls )
Click on a verb and then an object to perform that action.
Click on the edges of rooms to traverse around.
Hover over the very bottom of the screen and click the save button to save your progress.

( Walkthrough )
Here you go, though it's more fun to explore on your own :) 

( Thank you )
After Jake Elliott's A House in California (2011)

Also available at whenwe.love/bedrooms

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Tagsartgame, Narrative, philippines, Point & Click, Surreal
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